Can you be a great boss without being bossy?

Good leadership is built on teamwork and change, and grounded in integrity and fairness. A leader must have a clear vision and the communication skills needed to execute.  The list below reveals a refined set of key leadership principles.

1. Act with a Profound Sense of Integrity and Fairness.  The daily stewardship and embodiment of company and employee values is critical.  Integrity and fairness should lie at the core of any company’s heritage, services to clients and cultural strength.  Leaders at all levels must uphold these values in their daily decisions and actions and instill them in their people as well.

2. Deliver Business Results Through Commercial Excellence and People Development. Excellence must be the lifeblood of any company and a key source of leadership credibility. Outstanding leaders create profitability not only through business development and client service but also through recruiting, coaching, developing and retaining the best people.  Leaders develop leaders, and leadership demands consistent and purposeful investment of time with our people.

3. Build Strong Client and Other External Relationships.  The success of your organization will depend on the quality of your relationships with a broad group of influential clients and leaders.  The best leaders successfully develop long-term relationships across multiple cultures.  They succeed through outstanding client service as well as playing leadership roles in external business and community groups.

4. Drive Teamwork Within and Between Businesses. Teamwork and dedication to the firm’s greatest good are competitive advantages. Leaders maintain a strong network of relationships across all business units.  They cross-market the firm’s products and services and actively share ideas and talent across divisional, departmental, regional, and hierarchical boundaries.

5. Foster Learning, Innovation, and Change. Leaders welcome and drive change. They constantly extract the learning from their own failures and successes as well as those of others–both