Clients Say . . .

What a few of my clients and business associates say about my coaching practice:

“Since I’ve started working with Brian, I’ve found that productivity is up, employee communications is better, and my leaders are pulling together as a tight-knit and highly proactive team.  He has helped my  key stakeholders in an enormous fashion to take hold of the things that challenge us and work towards permanent solutions.  In fact, I have him working with either two or three of my managers at a time.”

– Brent Taylor, CEO – Drilling & Blasting Systems, Inc.

“I recommend Brian highly to anyone seeking more focus and satisfaction in life through personal coaching. I’ve had a few opportunities to work closely with and to be coached by Brian. I applaud his energy and his dedication to becoming the best in the business.”

– Jerry McCurry, business operations consultant

“I’ve worked with Brian over the past three years and found him to be an incredible coach. He’s dependable, professional, organized and always has enlightening points about how to get more out of life in or out of the workplace. Brian also is approachable, which is one of the things I like about him best. He’s got a warm, sincere personality and he is a great listener.  Brian, you really are a gem! We love your columns”

– Sarah Barnes, former staff reporter – The Rockdale Citizen

“As my personal coach, Brian helped me to focus and accomplish my goals. He would not allow me make excuses of why I could not do it, instead, he made me find ways to do it!  Brian was an integral part of me successfully passing my professional (PHR) certification.”

– Karen Hall, human resources manager

Brian has always been able to help me as well as others I have known better themselves and think in a progression to success.The way Brian interacts with people shows how incredibly gifted he is.  Anyone would benefit from speaking with Brian about life or business, especially those that need help finding direction.

– Bill Pardini, sales executive

“As a business coach Brian’s the best! He understands you, the challenge you face and how to motivate you to conquer your dilemma. With his coaching and believing in me, I’ve been able to accomplish far more than I ever thought that I could.”

– Patti Bryson, business owner – SIFT, Inc. — employment screening

“Brian is my coach.  He has helped me realize the potential of my business and has personally helped me with tips on how to to stay focused and organized.  He will ask very pertinent questions that make you think and react.”

– Dale Pierce, owner – promotional products business

Brian, I can’t tell you how helpful you were in my life.  You allowed me to see that the career path I had chosen was completely wrong for me.  I had no idea how depressed and unmotivated I had become due to my dislike for my job.  You helped me to see that I had skills and interests beyond my past experiences and you encouraged me to pursue a job that better suits my personality.  Because of your coaching, I have never been happier.  I have found work that I love and have even started my own business.  Thank you so much.

– Russel Moore IV, attorney and entrepreneur

After meeting you at a networking event, I decided that your support, experience, and the contacts and resources  you have, would help point me in the right direction.  You gave me the energy boost I needed to take on the difficult decisions of growing Genline during a slumping economy, AND building Advanced Die Supplies, Inc., a new partnership venture, as well as beginning my plans for retirement. Thank you, Brian — with your help I’ve made a quantum leap and have begun reaching my goals.

– Mike Malcom, President – Genline Systems, Inc.

Thank you Brian – your coaching allowed me to remember that my life should be fun.  In just a few months, you were able to get me back on track, do things others who know me would never have believed I would enjoy – I even went para-sailing with my daughter while on a recent cruise!  You were unconditionally supportive and held me accountable for creating the life I want.  I am healthier, happier and have more time for enjoying life.

– Gena McLendon,  Director – Merryvale Assisted Living Center