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This is where you get to find out what HAS happened when people have hired me as their coach.  You’ll notice that each story ends with a ‘beginning’.  That’s because once they started working with a coach, each of these individuals ‘began’ a new life  — one that THEY chose. Companies and  names of people have been omitted to protect their privacy. Contact us if you want to read some more brief testimonials.

No Time for Me

The Story — A senior executive who had worked in the corporate arena for  many years and was displaced when his institution was sold off to provide the shareholders, mostly family heirs, with cash.  He chose to start a locally-owned company, and to this day operates a lean and profitable company — but he never had enough time for doing the things he loved.

Coaching — During our initial session, I discovered that my client built his company one person at a time.  Now, several years later, he employs over 50 people and because of the complexity of the business, he has been doing much of the lower level work himself, in addition to the ‘presidential’ stuff.

Together we created an outline of what business things he liked to do, what things he had to do, which he would prefer to delegate, and those he hated doing.  As the list developed, he realized that some of the people he hired could not handle some tasks, and they would require either training to upgrade to their skills or replacement with someone who had the necessary capabilities.  He chose to train, rather than a knee-jerk reaction to fire and hire.

The Beginning — As we progressed through the coaching process, my client was more relaxed with work, was able to take vacations, I mean real vacations, no phones, email or even checking in, for the first time in five years!  And, the company had its best year ever for revenue, profits, employee retention and customer satisfaction.

A Customer Service Issue?

The Story — The two partners of a successful business services firm were at odds over the future of their company.  It seemed that they had great sales, solid products and a strong customer base, but that customer list was eroding.  One partner thought it would be best to automate as much of the ‘production’ work as possible, the other, my client, believed strongly that the personal touch was responsible for the success of the business.

Coaching — My job was not to help my client prove her partner wrong, but to help her invent a happy, peaceful and rewarding life and lifestyle.

Early on, I wanted to share my feelings with this client because I felt she was selling herself short.  Was it possible that she should consider buying out her partner and running the business the way she saw fit?  Once she expressed curiosity in this area, I assisted her in making a quantum leap forward and she made a two-pronged offer either to sell out or buy.  Her partner accepted a buyout.

The Beginning — During our first month of coaching, my client never broached the subject of buying out or selling out.  She felt that there must be an alternate solution — one that entailed a combination or negotiated result.

The business doubled in the first year she was on her own and she has had several offers from larger competitors to sell to them, something for which she’s not quite ready.

By the way, it turns out that the customer service problem stemmed from the partners feuding and the effect it had on employee morale.  Turnover was high and that, was corrosive to customers who were used to dealing with a single company contact.

Retire Earlier

The Story — An attorney in his late forties decided that he wanted to retire earlier than 65 — in fact, he was shooting for 55 but was certain he couldn’t meet his goal, even though he earned in excess of $190,000 each year.  After a brief discussion with me, he decided that he wanted some support in taking on this challenge.

Coaching — A detailed assessment of my client’s financial situation showed enormous debt — a beautiful 7,500 sq. ft. home, a lake house, 3 luxury automobiles, a boat, jet skis, swimming pools, you name it.  His monthly fixed expenses were above $12,000, and that didn’t include allowing anything for savings or retirement!

We talked about the truth . . . the quickest way to generate more retirement cash, and he and his family consider simplifying their lives and putting the reserve cash generated by that into a special retirement program set up by a financial advisor.  They trimmed over $5,000 per month by simplifying — trading the fancy cars for more economical wheels and no lease payments — renting out the lake home for all but four weeks and 12 weekends each year — setting up a complete household budget . . . YES, a budget.

The Beginning — It took less that six months of coaching before this client decided he was on his way to what HE wanted to do.  AND, he’s referred two other attorneys to me who want to do the same.

My Job is Not the One I Want!

The Story — A human resources executive worked for four different companies in her 18-year career.  With each job change she found that there was more restructuring, less involvement in boardroom decisions.  She was not taken seriously by top management.  She was frustrated, and wanted to give it all up.

Coaching — Often, a coach learns that things are not always what they seem to be. Through coaching, this client discovered that she had been drawn to organizations that traditionally hired females because they were top heavy with male executives and believed that the only ‘safe’ place in which they could hire or promote a female executive was human resources.

The management group at each of her employers really had no intention of bringing her into the senior management circle.  Turns out they could have used coaches.  As I coached her through understanding what the ideal employer was for her, she realized it was critical that she locate a prospective employer who truly believed in the effectiveness of, and fostered the growth of, female managers.  I helped her home in on what mattered most.

The Beginning — Once my client began her search, in less than three months she had found a company she found to be ideal.  She applied, was hired and over the remaining 12 months of coaching, she was promoted twice.  She’s now the chief operating officer for a company that genuinely believes that people are its best assets, and she has never been happier!

Starting Your Own Business!

The Story — A young, recent college graduate had worked for a number of companies, each time in a sales role.  He thought that the best incomes are found in sales and was directing his career path with his wallet.

Coaching — It took several months of coaching for this man to realize his potential, understand his strengths and release himself from negative thinking about his own abilities.  Once there, he made a significant discovery — that he wanted to run his own company — something he could truly believe in and feel good about.

I think it was the wisdom of Bill Cosby where he noted that running your own business was as highly overrated as natural childbirth!  I’m not sure how he knows about that, but I think I have a good idea.  I’ve been a part of starting businesses over the last 20 years.  Some I left, some where sold out under me, while others, I decided to sell.  Which left me the opportunity, and challenge, to start yet another one.

I offer a startup program that makes people take a hard look at the challenges of starting out on their own.  Most of the time, it doesn’t deter them so, as in this case, the new start-up owner needed focus.  We concentrated on the 100 key factors within the program.

In addition to starting the business, my client informed me of his desire to go back to college and work on a Masters degree.  Again, he filled, if not overfilled, his plate!  But still, together we found an ideal business for his situation.

A clear marketing plan had yet to be developed, so together, we drew up one.  It created a laser-like focus of who would be in his marketplace, allowing him to more easily brand his company . . . and himself.  It also provided him with the flexibility to work at his own pace while headed towards an MBA.

The Beginning — I enjoyed this client immensely . . . he was sincere and willing to change.  My client has returned to college.  His business is growing so rapidly that he has hired other college students as sub-contractors to help, and his wife is considering quitting her sales job to further market the business.

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