Teleclasses, Workshops and Podcasts

We offer an array of services to meet your needs…


Teleclasses are not that new . . . but they are the wave of the future in using telephone technology and the Internet to make learning more affordable, effective and enjoyable. They are like conference calls on steriods.

In the comfort of your own home, office, while on vacation or visiting others, you can join diverse groups in lively discussions on a variety of mainstream topics. All you need is a telephone.


These are onsite or offsite training and coaching sessions for entire staff, or specific business units and employee groups (sales, supervisors, customer service, etc.)


Sometimes live broadcasts, but often available for free or low cost.

Here’s some recently completed sessions we’ve offered in a one or more formats.

  • Online Marketing – Social Media is Here To Stay
  • Cold Calling is a Dinosaur
  • Finding Your Dream Job
  • Fear of Flying — Is Air Travel Safe?
  • Getting Business to Come to You – Attraction in Action
  • Coaching for Managers & Supervisors – No Whistle Needed!
  • Developing a ‘Sprinkler System’ for Referrals
  • The Four Simplest Things to a More Perfect Life
  • Becoming a World-Class ‘Retentionist’ – How you can reduce turnover, improve performance and $ave ton$
  • Quit Hacking Around With Your Computer
  • Preventing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
  • Excavating Your Life’s Blueprint
  • More Profit, More Fun, More Stress – Pick Any Two
  • Extreme Care – The Key to Improving Your Business, Your Career and Your Life
  • Hiring Winners
  • Leadership Makeover – Retool Your Management Assets

Let me know of a particular topic you, or your company has an interest. It may be one we’ve already produced in a previous offering and not listed here, or something we’d enjoy developing.