When it seems like all of your online job applications are getting zero responses, what d can you do? Well, it very well could be your fault.  According to some experts companies have been scouring the web for job seekers social postings.  There are ways to prevent your paparazzi-taken frat party or spring break photos from being seen by potential employers. And yes, you can use social media to get hired.

First you must tweak your privacy settings for each service. You can block Facebook’s timeline from snoops, hide photos from spies and even discourage Google searchers. However, most folks use more than one social media site, and chances are employers can still find you.  And more than 55% of companies are looking. So why not show the truly professional image you project? The public can still see your profile picture, cover photo and basic information. Use these to your advantage.

Start by selecting a profile picture that is more professional. If you don’t have one, get one – it’s worth the investment.  It’s smart to use a local qualified photographer too.

Next Facebook and other services give us the opportunity to show ourselves in the best possible ways with cover photos. I would say the same rule applies from the profile picture.

And finally, the basic information below your profile picture can be a place to demonstrate your fun side, but be cautious about what goes here. Things that might be off limits – your complicated relationships, or heated political views. It’s not fun when a possible employer see’s you “Crackin’ open a few beers at . . . “.  Well, enough said about that.