How Social Media Creates “Online Envy”

In my quest to help business owners decide if and how they can use social media to boost their online marketing, I’ve discovered a newly termed issue related to social media that has been known by another moniker for years.  It was formerly called “Keeping up with the Joneses”.  Now it’s known as the “Fear of Missing Out” or FOMO and was coined in the 1990’s.

As one of the more intriguing topics I’ve researched, FOMO is negatively impacting millions of people, and to some degree, most everyone has felt it.  You know – that state of mind when you log into Facebook or Twitter and see that someone is travelling to an exotic island or is “checking in” at the coolest restaurant or concert in town, and you think, “I’m missing out”.

FOMO has become such a phenomenon, that market research firms have been compiling information regarding how different age groups are affected by it and FOMO disturbs men more than women and younger people more than older.

Similar research related to online marketing shows that if a person’s posts tend to be more positive or more negative than neutral, they get more views, followers, shares and re-Tweets.

I’m not suggesting that you should cease posting while on a vacation of a lifetime, drinking