What is ADR?

Alternate Dispute Resolution.  A process by which two parties seek a mediator or arbitrator to resolve opposing issues.  It may be an employer and employee, husband and wife, or even something as simple as two neighbors arguing over a property line.

How does it work? Many court systems are recommending, if not requiring that parties in disagreement seek ADR prior to initiating a lawsuit.  By a mutual decision, the parties decide to enlist the services of a mediator or arbitrator to help reach a settlement.  The difference is that an agreement reached by using a mediator is non-binding, and the same agreement IS binding if arbitration is chosen as the method of resolution. However, successful mediated resolutions carve out a written agreement in which both parties have input and have declared their satisfaction in the terms. 

Arbitration decisions are reached by a third party and BOTH parties must abide by his or her decision.  In most cases, at least one, if not both parties, can be partially or wholly dissatisfied with the outcome.

I am a Certified Mediator in Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama, and registered with GAMA, the Global Arbitration Mediation Association.  Because of my professional business experience, human resource certifications, and coaching background, I specialize in employment and business related issues, and am available by appointment.  Mediation fees are very reasonable, especially when compared to hiring legal counsel and I will make certain that both parties fully understand them before we proceed.

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