Recently I wrote about the importance of precision in all aspects of your marketing program; poor precision equals poor marketing results.  You must focus your actions to attract new clients.

First let’s review the five key marketing ingredients.

1 – Precisely defined products or services

2 – Bull’s-eye targeted ideal buyers

3 – Highly focused benefit-oriented messages

4 – Accurately written and well-designed marketing materials

5 – Clearly communicated offers

These five ingredients are the foundation of your marketing program. They may take time to get fine-tuned, but once you’ve created them, you have the capability for attracting clients.

Now it’s time to rev up your face-to-face meetings, networking, speaking, article writing, trade shows and advertising, but as I’ve written in the past, it’s best to work on the top three you believe will be most effective. 

In 2000 when I launched my coaching practice, I needed to do just that. I had sold my human resource consulting group and rapidly transitioned to a business, executive and life coaching practice, so I needed to generate new business fast.

After assembling my ingredients I contacted every organization in the area whose members were self-employed professionals. I sent a coaching information package and followed up. I acquired several individual clients, some workshops and speeches. I delivered those and followed up with folks who may have attended the events. I then worked on making those people clients.

The Hurdles

In this upcoming year we hear about the changes to tax laws, wealth taxation, etc.   We’ve just seen election campaigning at an all time high. 

In my coaching of others I’ve noticed that people do not conduct their marketing as a campaign. Instead, it’s done as a series of disconnected, random activities — a little networking, a little speaking, maybe some advertising, and not a whole lot happens.   What’s missing is the campaign. One thing must lead directly to another. When you design, implement and master this process, it’s like turning on a marketing sprinkler.  New clients will begin to pop out the other end!

How the campaign works

Step One – Prepare all the ingredients.  By now you should be crystal clear on what you are selling, who you are selling it to, and have put together your message, materials (i.e., web site) and offer.

Step Two – Put your message, materials and offer in front of your target audience. Again, any marketing activities can work but focus on the top three.

Step Three – Have a specific action step you want prospects to do — not to buy, but perhaps to find out more. This is key. “If you are interested in the results you’ll get from having a coach and want to know more, let me know and we’ll set up a time to talk.”

Step Four – Meet with your qualified prospects and deliver the sales conversation.  Learn about their goals and what stands in the way of achieving them. Show how your service can help them get there.

Step Five – Confirm the sale, sign the agreement and get your first payment. Each of these steps, needs to be designed and flawlessly implemented.

Repeat this process enough times and gaining new clients will become natural and effortless.

These are essentially the steps to attracting clients consistently and quickly – the five ingredients and then the marketing campaign. Everything needs to be in place and you need to play it like a game you can win.

What else do you need?  How about a coach?  I have an absolute satisfaction guarantee or your money back. 

So tell me.  Why is it exactly that you don’t have a coach?