Group Coaching

Group coaching is an economical way to receive the benefits of coaching…

Group coaching is an economical way to receive the benefits of coaching, and capitalize on the dynamics of having others in the session who contribute their knowledge and experiences.

My group coaching sessions are normally conducted via telephone. If you enroll in Group telecoaching sessions, you’ll join others in a safe, secure and enlightening environment.

Groups are formed on an regular and ongoing basis, so contact me if you’d like to become part of one.

Also, by special arrangement, I will come to your business facility/offices or other location. I also craft sessions on subject matter you may select.

Here is a small sample of the topics I currently present.

Check back here for upcoming dates and times!

  • Downsized, Right-sized, Reorganized or Eliminated – Finding New Work That You Absolutely Love!
  • Becoming a Certified ‘Retentionist’ of Top Talent and $aving Ton$
  • Manage Time – Manage Stress!
  • Doubling Your Small Business Sales
  • Developing a ‘Sprinkler System’ for Referrals
  • The 28 Principles of Irresistible Attraction
  • Extreme Self-Care – a Key to Personal & Professional Growth
  • What is YOUR Message and How You Can Leverage It
  • Want to Start Your Own Business? You Can – and Also Be Successful!
  • Fear of Flying – Getting Back on Your Bike!