I’ve found that quite a few small business owners seem to fear success – and I mean that in a nice way.

Many people, from time to time myself included, often have trouble envisioning the level of success they most desire.  And one of the main reasons is that they haven’t done a reality check and defined success as they see it.  Most of the time they use the monetary or material ‘yardsticks’ of others.

The world-renowned sales trainer Zig Ziglar, in his book “Ziglar on Selling”, acknowledges that even he suffered from one of the most crippling nightmares faced by salespeople – call reluctance – and what we can do to “step over” that issue, as he did.  But it takes courage.

Apparently, most call reluctance stems from a self-image issue where professionals who try to close sales don’t feel they have enough experience or product knowledge.  They don’t actually worry about not getting the sale.  They fear the rejection and take it personally.  Ziglar points out that prospects aren’t rejecting you – they are merely refusing to listen to you, or likely anyone else at that particular moment.  No one who truly knows you would reject you, so dispel the negative waves and concentrate on the objectives of the call.

What?  You say you don’t have any specific objectives for your calls?  A rookie mistake folks.  Not having a well-thought out plan for your calls, whether they be in person or on the phone, cold, warm or red-hot, is almost certain doom.  That’s why most people experience call reluctance and the fear of rejection.

I’ve heard that selling is an art.  Others say it is a science, while yet by some it’s also often called a game.  I’ve found it to be all three, and you need to hone your performance in each of these areas to be successful.  Otherwise you’ll make mistakes that will kill your sales, one after another.

Instead of emptying your pockets and filling yourself with motivational tapes, books and seminars, why not try to tap into your motives for selling.  Because motivation leads to action.  And why you sell determines how you sell.  Aha!  There you have it.  Action without motive is very unlikely to occur.  You simply cannot sustain the necessary actions to be a successful salesperson by riding your personal highs and lows anymore than you can hire a “born salesman” who knows nothing about your products or services and expect them to be an effective sales pro over the long term.  And I