Most of you know that I work with clients in developing and initiating internet marketing programs to help drive traffic to their sites and increase revenue.  I wanted to let you know that you must use your best common sense online, especially in light of being alerted to recent scams.

Facebook predicts it will have a billion users within the next few months. The fastest growing sites like Pinterest, are also highly susceptible to scammers, who love the advances of social media and they ways we use it.

It has become a quick-click phenomenon and can lead to danger from hackers, spy software and a single click can ruin not just your day, but many days or months trying to recover your online identity.

In this social media era, the only safe place is offline!  But that’s not going to happen. 

Here’s some tips:

1.  Be incredibly suspicious of free stuff, even if the link comes from a friend.

2.  Make certain anti-virus software is current and you’ve updated spyware.

3.  People you don’t know are not giving you an iPad, smartphone or a gift card for no reason.

4.  There is no app for seeing who has viewed your Facebook profile.  The link is a scam and it’s one of the earliest from the days of MySpace.

5.  Photos on Pinterest (and now Manteresting) are connected to links that may be bogus.

6.  Think before you click.  If you’ve ever sent an email you didn’t want to, and I know many of you have, this is about the same, but in reverse.  You may be downloading the bad news onto your computer.

Ultimately, as a social network citizen, you’ve got to be your own best “neighborhood watch’” patrol and apply your real-world street smarts to think before you click.  I know it’s difficult if you’re curious like me, but the wolves are at the door.