This is a survey of more than 100 business owners. Their comments about small business success guided the creation of the following quiz. Choose the answer you think is best for each question.

Use the guide at the end to determine your total point score and then see where you stand in the Success Quotient Ratings. There are no “wrong” answers. Each answer listed represents a segment of the responses we had to questions in our survey–and the final rankings correspond with the importance successful owners gave to different answers.


1. What is the key to business success:

a. business knowledge

b. market awareness

c. hands on management

d. sufficient capital

e. hard work


2. If a relative ever asks me for advice about starting a business I will tell them to:

a. work for someone else in the field first

b. write a business plan

c. study marketing

d. give up the idea

e. learn about budgeting


3. Which is the largest potential trouble spot:

a. too much growth

b. too little growth

c. too fast growth

d. too slow growth

e. sporadic growth


4. I trust: (select as many as apply)

a. nobody

b. myself

c. my partner

d. a few key employees

e. my customers


5. I am unhappy when my employees are:

a. late

b. unhappy

c. abrupt with customers

d. resigning

e. less dedicated than me


6. My customers are: (select as many as apply)

a. always right

b. too fussy

c. demanding

d. worth listening to

e. dumb


7. Rank these in order of importance for small-business marketing success:

a. word-of-mouth

b. advertising

c. signs

d. location

e. community events