1. Truly believe that people are the reason for our success
  2. Values – do the right thing, treat others well, give your best
  3. Create your legacy with small gestures of kindness to your customers, and your employees
  4. Give your employees a realistic opportunity to grow their wealth
  5. Benefits beyond those that can be described in words
  6. Guarantee an investment in individual development for those leaders who choose to  serve your company for the long-term
  7. In your community, reach down and lift people up
  8. Strength through growth
  9. Let employees share in company ownership
  10. Work is hard, life is short.  Find ways to let your workers have some fun
  11. Spirit – capture the energy of enduring success
  12. Personally welcome everyone and be ready for their arrival – the first six months is crucial, the first six weeks, critical and the first day is a ‘code red’
  13. Customer satisfaction must be number 1
  14. Write down and display your ‘value chain’ – people, culture, strategy, tactics, performance and value
  15. Assure continual learning for everyone
  16. Train leaders, not managers or supervisors
  17. Develop a simple list of expectations for employees
  18. Support your leaders with coaches
  19. Profess your corporate values on a daily basis – walk the talk
  20. Fair compensation – levels are at or above your industry
  21. Keep the flame of corporate culture burning in every hall and room
  22. Celebrate team success
  23. Weekly CEO/owner communications meetings with company leaders
  24. Affirm corporate performance goals
  25. Health and a meal – regularly schedule wellness education
  26. Manage employee travel fairly
  27. Offer flexible work scheduling
  28. Affiliate and participate with local schools
  29. Executive ‘chat sessions’
  30. Coaches succeed where ‘bosses’ often fail – idea sharing, questions asked and answered – no whistle needed
  31. Summer internships – let young men and women experience your culture
  32. Help employees balance home life and work life
  33. ProvideHolidayfellowship
  34. Implement a real-world evaluation program
  35. Embrace people from other world cultures
  36. Casual dress code
  37. Encourage (S$$) your staff to build teams through employee referrals
  38. Medical/Dental/Vision Plans
  39. Routine annual or bi-annual physicals
  40. Flexible spending accounts
  41. Wellness counseling via toll-free hotline
  42. Expectant parent classes
  43. Prescription drug program
  44. Fitness center discounts
  45. Generous vacation plan
  46. Holidays and floating days
  47. Parental leave time
  48. Company intranet website or broadcast closed circuit TV
  49. Easy to use telephone and voicemail systems
  50. Weekend fellowship retreats